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Therapeutic Bodywork & Medical Massage


Massage Mosaic is located in Kihei, Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui. Appointments are available at our studio in Central Kihei or at your home, serving the areas of Kihei, Wailea, and Kahului.
Massage Mosaic in the Kihei area of Maui offers a great affordable massage by a licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of experience in therapeutic and medical massage.

Please call 808-446-6659 to make an appointment, get directions, or for more information.

The Mosaic Experience
Massage Mosaic strives to provide a GREAT massage experience in the Kihei area of Maui at an affordable price. You can find plenty of expensive massage salons in Maui where you will get served flavored water and pay top dollar "for the spa experience". You can surf the web for cheaper massages, but they won't tell you that there's a big turnover in their therapists, that they don't pay their therapists a fair wage, and that the massage you received left you feeling good, but alas, in a few days the excruiating pain between your shoulders returns.
What takes your valuable time is to find a professional, experienced, licensed massage therapist that:

Neck work on a client     
Understands how to evaluate your postural misalignments in the body; 
     Incorporates therapeutic and medical massage techniques, passive-resistive
     stretching, and myofascial release;
     Opens muscles, loosens fascia, and takes muscles out of chronic contraction; 
     Addresses adhesions, trigger points, and fibrotic tissues that cause pain
     locally and/or refer pain to other areas of the body;
     Relieves pain in those tight, sore spots in your neck, shoulders, and back;    
     Provides information on home care stretches and exercises.
Antonia working on clients back
You will receive personalized massage services
at Massage Mosaic. The therapist working on you here is the owner, responsible to provide you the BEST massage possible-her business depends on it. Antonia DeBevec is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Hawaii Massage Therapist (MAT #12306), and Yoga Instructor, who has provided massage, yoga classes, and holistic services since 1996. She has worked with trauma injuries, as well as, chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis and kyphosis, frozen shoulder, temporamandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, carpal tunnel, and migraines. Her clients have included professional athletes, marathon runners, triathletes, doctors, dancers, performers, hair stylists, and those of us that sit for long periods in front of a computer. She often imparts her knowledge about rehabilitative exercises, weight lifting/resistance training, stretching, yoga, stress-reduction, whole foods nutrition, and supplements. 

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What to Expect
When you come to her for specific issues (like, "I have pain in my neck and my right shoulder..."), you will complete an client intake form and describe your areas of concern, past injuries and surgeries, and any contraindications to certain types of massage techniques.  She may have requested you to wear undergarments (like a sports bra and underwear for ladies and gym shorts for men) on the phone in order for her to evaluate any postural misalignments in your body standing up with no shoes (like, is one hip or shoulder higher than the other? are the shoulders rounded forward? is the pelvis tilted anteriorally or is the back more flattened? is the head jutting forward of midline?) to address where and why you are feeling pain in certain areas of your body.  Most sessions with include hip stabilization work since hip alignment (caused by chronically tight hip flexor muscles illio-psoas or tight hamstrings) affects how the rest of the body is (mis)aligned and where pain is felt. Focus is given to muscles of the neck, upper chest, hips, gluts, shoulders, and back in most 60 minute sessions, while 90 minute treatments allow for additional work including other areas (arms and legs) as neccessary or requested. This type of medical massage is much more detailed, involves your participation in "hold-resist-release" stretches, and will include deep work in the hip flexors and exteral rotator muscles of the shoulders-likely different from therapeutic massages you have received in the past.

The goal is to address where the pain is truely coming from and release those chronically tight muscles and attachments, thereby assisting you in becoming pain-free long-term, not just for a few days. Of course, becoming pain-free takes some attention on your part beyond the massage table, to strengthen weaker muscles (like the rhomboids between the shoulder blades), to stretch chronically tight muscles (like the pectoralis muscles), to incorporate de-stressing activities into your life (like yoga), as well as, to schedule regular massage sessions. However, clients report that their body feels ALOT better after just one session and that the home care is easy to do. And, hey, if you just feel like zoning out on the table with no home "work", just let her know that you would like a therapeutic deep tissue, Swedish, or hot stone massage-it's all good and beneficial to your body!

So, whether you spend your day at the beach....

woman hunched in front of a computer

 ...or working at your computer...
Massage Mosaic can be reached at 808-446-6659 to workout  those sore muscles and make your body feel great!

                                                                        Client Testimonials

"The massages I've received at Massage Mosaic are different from those I've gotten at "corporate" spas.  I get personal, built-for-me massages. Antonia takes time to learn your specific bodywork issues and builds a relationship with her clients." ~Chiesha

"I've had massages for years and have never found a massage therapist who is as effective at relieving the tension in my neck and shoulders. Antonia is great!"  ~Lauren D.

"I have been going to Antonia for 4 years and can honestly say she truly has healing hands. She is the only therapist that can do wonders with my neck and shoulders." ~April H.

"I sit in front of a computer all day, and have really tight neck and shoulders. My tension headaches have drastically decreased since going to Antonia for about a year." ~Stacy B.

Office Hours:

By appointment only. Call 808-446-6659 to schedule an appointment or to ask questions.
Same-day and weekend appointments may be available.  As a one-person office, you may reach voice mail when calling.
You are encouraged to
leave your name, contact number, and time/date requested and I'll get back to you shortly.

Massage Mosaic is located in Kihei, Hawaii on the island of Maui.